Dan Caplis

Dan Caplis Law Denver ColoradoDan Caplis is an extremely successful attorney, but did you know he hosts his own radio show too? Dan Caplis and Craig Silverman launched their radio program, The Caplis and Silverman Show, on KHOW in 2004. The show was an immediate hit, portraying two ideological opposites who could engage in a healthy debate.

The New York Times featured The Caplis and Silverman Show back in 2008 right before the presidential election. As we know now, this was a high-stakes election that would change the course of politics.

The feature described how arguments between the two men could get quite heated at times; this does happen when you put two attorneys in a small studio space. However, it was always respectful, and Dan Caplis and Craig Silverman insisted in the piece that their off-air friendship was strong.

In addition to that, both Dan Caplis and Craig Silverman enjoyed the back-and-forth they had with callers of the show. Dan Caplis is a conservative, so he would often get challenged by many of the liberal residents of Colorado. Craig Silverman is a liberal, but some callers questioned whether he was liberal enough.

In the end, though, the two radio show hosts loved their time at KHOW. The show, as one professor said in the New York Times feature, was an important part of the city because it often featured local guests and people liked the format. The program won numerous awards for KHOW, and ended in 2012.

Today, you can listen and call in to speak with Dan Caplis as he hosts “The Dan Caplis Show” on 710 KNUS, during drive times, from 4-7pm.   you can also still see him in the courtroom fighting for his clients. Dan Caplis is the founding attorney for his firm, Dan Caplis Law. The firm is located near Denver, Colorado and specializes in catastrophic personal injury cases.